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Facility Use Request

The administration of Buna ISD organizes and schedules all request for use of facilities submitted internally through the District and also from outside groups and communities. Requests are processed, scheduled, and any applicable payments processed. Staff requirements such as security, housekeeping, etc. are determined and scheduled as needed. 

An online form must be filled out by an applicant and submitted to the proper facility below. Please see calendar below for schedule conflicts.  If you have any questions, please contact Kandi Decastro, Admin Receptionist, (409) 994-4803.

Use of Buna Activity Center

Use of Athletic Field or Property

Use of High School Cafeteria

Use of High School Library

Use of Junior High Gym

Use of Junior High Library

Use of Junior High Cafeteria

Use of Elementary Cafeteria

Use of Elementary Gym

Use of Elementary Library

Use of Old Junior High Gym

Use of Community Pavilion (covered area facing Admin Building)