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Android Apps for Productivity

Image that corresponds to Tasker

If you like the idea of automating certain tasks and creating scripts to have your Android device perform certain functions based on triggers that you've identified, then you'll enjoy using Tasker. Tutorials by Ferreira andHollywoodfrodo can help you begin.

Podcast Addict
Image that corresponds to Podcast Addict

Great app for keeping track of the podcasts you enjoy. Manage your audio and video podcasts, YouTube channels, and news feeds. You can also import from iTunes.

QR Code Generator
Image that corresponds to QR Code Generator

There are tons of free readers but when you need to create a QR code and don't want to use a web-based solution, try this app. Easily create your code and then share out through a ton of ways!

Kindle Reader
Image that corresponds to Kindle Reader

There are tons of great books that you can get to read on your Android...and a lot of them are free! Download this app and start getting some great books to help you become more productive.

Productivity Timer
Image that corresponds to Productivity Timer
This timer is simple but effective. Following the Pomodoro Technique, it gives you 25 minute segments to work and then allows you to take a break (5 or 15 minutes).  Price: Free
Scan - QR Code Barcode Reader
Image that corresponds to Scan - QR Code Barcode Reader
This QR code reader is as simple as they get. Great clutter-free app that helps you get the information you need quickly. You can also scan regular bar codes. Your past scans are displayed in the history logs in a list or on a map.
Price: Free
iAnnotate PDF
Image that corresponds to iAnnotate PDF
If you work with a lot of PDF files and you find that you need to make comments and mark them up, then consider using this app. Price: Free
Image that corresponds to Skitch
This is a great tool if you need to annotate on photos, screenshots, and PDF files. You can also use shapes, text, stamps, highlighter, and arrows.
Price: Free
Explain Everything
Image that corresponds to Explain Everything
This great app allows you to create instructional videos. Annotate, animate, narrate, import and export just about anything to anywhere.
Price: $2.99
Image that corresponds to Zite
This is an awesome app for folks who are looking to grow their PLN and stay abreast of information in their field. Zite is a topics-based, personalized magazine. Tell it what you are interested in and it will pull from websites, blogs, etc.
Price: Free
Image that corresponds to Evernote
Great app that syncs across devices so that you always have access to your notes, audio notes, bookmarks, pictures, etc.
Price: Free