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number 1
- Filling out a form on the web: do not click with your mouse, tab from field to field.
- Choose your state, press M-M-M-M or T-T to get to Texas
-Text is too  small, on PC, press control + + + (larger) or - - - (smaller)
on a Mac use the command key
- Cell phones --> interrupt the voicemail message by pressing -
Verizon *
AT&T or T-Mobile #
Sprint I
-Highlight a word - double click the word
-Highlight a paragraph - triple click
-Powerpoint or Keynote
Press B to black out the slide, Press B again to take this off.
Press W to white out the lside, Press W again to take this off.
Source: A six minute Ted Talk: David Pogue's 10 Top Time-Saving Tech Tips 

number 2 
- If you need to take something apart to repair it -- take a picture of the fully assembled item and then a picture during each stage. Now you have a guide to reassemble the item.
- Take a photo of the item with the store price tag.  Now you have proof of the purchase price. Take this photo to wheel and deal at a different store. Some stores say,"We can beat any price!" Now you can!
-Received a damaged package through the mail, your new refrigerator arrived with a dent, someone ran into your car. Take a photo.
-Take a picture of the product codes in the Fruit/Vegetable or the Bulk Food Section in your local grocery store.
-Traveling on vacation. Take photos of landmarks so you can get back to your hotel, great souvenier shop or airport.
-Don't write it down, snap a photo.
Source: 10 ways Your Smart Phone Camera can Make Life Easier

number 3
-Dog Tag with a qr code.  You need more information for a lost pet: name, allergies, more contact numbers than just one.
-Use Google Maps to give directions to a reception or a party. Simply map the exact Point A to Point B. 
-Going Door to Door? Need a neighborhood flyer or a campaign flyer. Save paper and try a qr code. 
Source: 8 Really Geeky but Creative Ways to Use QR Codes at Home

number 4
-Create your Trip Map with Google Maps. You can set up your whole trip complete with notes, locations, directions, and much more.
-Keep track of your hotels (find them first throught Google Maps) and then use location marks.
-Driving in a city, turn on the traffic layer
-Public Transit
-Weather Layer
Source: Be Your Own Travel Guide, 7 Tips to Travel Smarter with Google Maps

number 5
- Store newspaper clippings, comic strips, and infographics
- Store owner manuals
- Use Google Drive as a File Previewer 
Source: 10 Ways to Use Your Cloud Storage That You May Not have Thought Of.
number 6  
(4:30 minute video from Kim Komando)
Carpenter Tools:
measure surface level, plum-bob, ruler, protractor and more
Larger Objects or Longer Distances
Metal Detector 
Need Reading Glasses?
Name that Tune
Measure your Heart Rate
Source: Kim Komando's 5 Things you Never Knew Your Smart Phone Could Do?

number 7
-Embed animated GIFS
-Embed your Posts on Website or Blog
-Let others build a photo album with you
Source: 3 Things you Probably Didn't KNow You Could Do On Facebook
number 8
-aluminum foil box
-Tic Tacs
-peanut butter
-Greek yogurt containers
-extension cords
Source: 18 Everyday Products You've Been Using Wrong

number 9
Smiley  :-)
Winkey ;-)
Frowney :-(
Source: Dictate Emoticons to your iPhone

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