Word Mover

This app is from Read Write Think. The app is designed to help students develop poems and short stories. When students open the Word Mover app they are shown a selection of words that they can drag onto a canvas to construct a poem or story. Word Mover provides students with eight canvas backgrounds on which they can construct their poems. If the word bank provided by Word Mover doesn’t offer enough words they can add their own words to the word bank.

Mask Jumble Animals

Stare into the in-app mirror and animal parts will appear on your face. As you move, the mask will stay on your face. You start off with a rabbit and a dog mask. If you eat 5 strawberries, you earn more masks. 
Touch your ears, nose, chin, or hair to change each part of the mask. Find your favorite animal or make a completely new one.
Printable mask templates or coloring pages.


Loopster is probably the closest you will come to iMovie without spending any money. Loopster is the app that I would have my students use for documentary style videos and other projects that are going to go more than 60-90 seconds in length. The Loopster iPad app provides a four track editor. There are tracks for video and images, transitions, sounds, and text. You can import images and videos from your iPad’s camera roll or shoot a new video with the app and edit it. On the video editing track you can trim clips and combine clips. On the text track you can add speech bubbles and other text effects. Loopster has a slow motion effect that is available on the iPad app too. When your Loopster project is completed you can share it to YouTube, Facebook, or email it. Your completed Loopster projects can also be saved to the camera roll on your iPad.

SpinArt Free

SpinArt is old school fun digitized. When in Spin Mode (the button with the round arrows), swipe your fingers across the canvas to spin at varying speeds. Then switch back into Paint Mode (the paint roller button), and choose a color from the palette, then use your finger to splat some paint and watch patterns emerge. 

Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad

With Kaleido drawing pad, you can create an incredible beautiful kaleidoscope painting with just a few strokes! Watch the play back of your kaleidoscope procedure with the "Movie" mode! 

Pic Collage
PicCollage lets you instantly arrange your photos into frames or get creative with freefrom collages,cutouts, filters, borders, stickers, and text.  Import your own photos or select images from the web image search. 
Classroom Activities: http://edutech4teachers.edublogs.org/2012/07/07/pic-collage/  Year End Activity, A EOY Photo Collage:  http://goo.gl/592ep0  Pic Collage Videos: http://pic-collage.com/about
Old Me!

iPhone and iPad:  Put your face in an old picture! Upload a picture or take a live shot.

Haiku Deck

iPad only:  Haiku Deck is the simple and fun way to create stunning presentations – whether you’re pitching an idea, teaching a lesson, telling a story, or igniting a movement.