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Creativity on a Budget

Image that corresponds to TubeChop

If you or your students already have a YouTube video but you want to shorten it, consider using TubeChop. By moving the 'bookends' of the video, you can select on the portion that you want to show. It will create a new URL that you can share for just that portion.

Image that corresponds to WeVideo

This easy to use, free, online video editing tool may be the perfect tool for you and your kids. Use their online version, their Google Drive app, or their Chrome app to make WeVideo accessible to you and your students no matter where you go. 

Image that corresponds to Pixorial

As a teacher, be sure to tell them a little about you and they'll send you a promo code to get a free year of Pixorial ($40 value). Use the mobile app to capture and share videos on the go or use the desktop version to combine clips, add music and more.
Image that corresponds to is an online diagramming tool. Create flowcharts, diagram an image, and more with this free tool! When done, save your work to your Google Drive, Dropbox, your device, or to the browser where you can right-click and save.

Draw It Live
Image that corresponds to Draw It Live

What could be more fun that drawing? Drawing with a friend! Draw It Live allows you to create a collaborative whiteboard. Just share the URL with a friend and you can draw on the same canvas as well as chat in the sidebar.

Image that corresponds to SketchPad

SketchPad is a free online drawing tool that allows you to create using basic tools. No need to create an account or download software. When you are done, just save your image as a png file.

Image that corresponds to Inkscape

If you would like a free version of Illustrator, look no further than Inkscape. This free vector-based drawing tool will give you much of the same power. It's also available for various devices as an app.

Image that corresponds to Moovly

Drag/drop characters and props from the library, edit the timeline, add sound and your voice. Before you know it, you'll have a great looking animated video! 

Image that corresponds to TED-Ed

Use a YouTube video, TED Talk, or TED-Ed original to create a lesson. Ask questions, challenge your students to think deeper, and provide a way for them to discuss your video. TED-Ed makes it super easy. Great for flipping your classroom!

Image that corresponds to Blabberize

An all-time favorite, you and your kids will love Blabberize. Upload a photo, select the mouth area, and record your voice. Student will be happy to create a blabber as a book report!

Image that corresponds to PowToon

If you can create a PowerPoint, you can create a PowToon. With just some simple steps, you can create effective animated videos for your classroom.

Image that corresponds to Voki

Easily create your speaking avatar and use them as a learning tool. With over 200 characters, you're sure to tell your story in an effective way.

Image that corresponds to GoAnimate

Create simple animated videos using their tools. Just swap out the background, drag/drop a character, and then choose actions. Can't be simpler than that!