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Problem-Solving Process: Complaints, Grievances, Concerns

Step 1:  Contact Appropriate School Staff

The most direct route to resolving a concern is for parents/guardians to first conference directly with the involved party. (teacher, coach, etc.)  More than 95% of concerns are resolved by a conversation between those involved.

Step Two:  Contact Campus Administrator

Campus administrators are responsible for the school's operations.
Clarification of school policies and procedures can be explained.
If necessary, conferences with involved parties can be arranged and a suitable solution can be reached

Step Three:  Contact Superintendent's Office

If steps one and two have not resolved your concern, the Superintendent's Office should be contacted.

Interim Superintendent:  Dr. Steve Hyden

A formal meeting with all involved parties can be arranged in an effort to reach a resolution.

At this step the formal complaint process can be filed, if necessary.

Formal Complaint Process

If you have gone through the previous informal steps of problem-solving and have not met a satisfactory conclusion, you may then move into the formal process by filing the following:

Complaint received at the campus level within 15 days of incident.
Campus Investigation based on report and hold a conference with complainant within 10 days.
The original complaint form must be completed
Seek resolution at lowest level
Response in writing set forth basis of decision within 10 days


Step Four:  Contact School Board

The Buna ISD school board can be contacted by requesting a hearing through the superintendent's office.
The Buna ISD Board of Trustees serves as an appeal body in resolving disputes.