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Lessons & Holiday Activities


This easy-to-use website allows you to virtually cut folded paper and preview the snowflake. Whether you have students create a flake and then write a story of the flake's travels or whether you have them incorporate specific mathematical features (rhombus, triangle, etc.), this site will be a fun start.

Catch a sneak peek at the new additions that Animoto will be adding soon...just in time for your holiday lessons. Great Hanukkah and Christmas styles will be added as well as several others.
Be sure that you are using the Animoto for Educators - it allows your students to create videos that are longer than 30 seconds!
Trading Card Creator

While studying a holiday tradition, person, or event, have your students jump over to the Trading Card Creator to create an informational card. You can create one for a fictional person, real person, fictional place, real place, physical object, event, abstract object, or design your own. When done, you can save it as a PDF and/or email it.

Portable North Pole

Enter just a little bit of information to have this site create a tailored video. Great for creating for your friends and family. You'll receive a link that you can email to the person you created the video for so they can access it online. 

Web 2.0 Advent Calendar

This advent calendar shares 25 Web 2.0 tools for you to learn. Click on a number each day to learn about a new one. Why not have your students create their own Web 2.0 Advent Calendar - what sites would you use?

Elf Yourself

Create an elf video with up to 4 friends by uploading a photo (or using your webcam). Align each face into the template and you'll soon appear as cheery elves dancing up a storm! There is a minimal cost of $1 but it is well worth it. Great for you to do with your grade level teachers to create a video for your school!

Star Wars Snowflakes
A rather unique idea presented here by Anthony Herrera is to create snowflakes based on the characters of Star Wars. Very well designed and a sample of each is available as a pdf to download. 
Why not have students make snowflakes based on characters of a book they are reading. After hanging them around the room, they'll be reminders not just of winter but also of the interesting characters that they are learning about.
December Holidays Resources for Teachers

Here you'll find printables, lessons, and activities to show students how the December holidays of Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and the New Year are celebrated.

Activities for Kids

Whether is it a good recipe or a fun learning activity, you'll find a lot of ideas at this site. Easily filter by grade level and/or by content to help find the perfect activity quickly. You'll want to visit even after the holidays!

HotChalk Lesson Plans Page

HotChalk shares a ton of lesson plan ideas and groups them based on the main content addressed in each lesson. Each lesson also gives a grade level designation ranging from PreK to grade 12. Many lessons can be used at different times throughout the year.

First Thanksgiving Readers Theater Ideas

Use these transcripts of interviews with historical interpreters from Plimoth Plantation as inspiration for Thanksgiving reader's theater. They'll help introduce your students to life in the 1620s in the New World.

The Elve's Game Chest

Enjoy games of the North Pole in this selection of nine games from Santa's elves. Games include Trim the Tree, Counting Money, Word Search, Telling Time, and several more.

Winter Holidays Diversity Lesson Plan

Scholastic and Clifford the Big Red Dog team up to provide a lesson plan that will have students learning about students in other cultures through reading, language, and art. Set up travel centers to make this lesson even more engaging.

The Gift of Holiday Traditions: Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas

Each year, December brings a month filled with holidays, celebrations complete with a variety of gift giving traditions, and—to the glee of students and educators alike—school vacations. Before departing to enjoy the break from school, take the opportunity to discuss with students ritual gift giving in their own families and across cultural holiday traditions. 

A Christmas Carol

After reading A Christmas Carol to your kids, show them this version which has been adapted for Guinea Pigs. Have them write their own version adapted for a different type of animal. Consider having them use online comic strip makers to do so.

A Christmas Carol

Even though Charles Dickens' book A Christmas Carol may be above your students' reading levels, there are still many activities you can do. This site provides a variety of lesson plan ideas that you can use.

Holidays Around the World Lesson Plans

Use the ten activities to help your students learn about customs of the season in different cultures. Brief descriptions accompany each lesson, and appropriate grade levels for each activity appear in parentheses. Click any lesson headline for a complete teaching resource!.

Holiday Lesson Plans and Resources

Not only does this site have a ton of links for holiday lesson ideas and activities, it also groups them into fall holidays, winter holidays, etc.