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Toolkit: PreK-5 Tools

Kidblog is a safe, secure blogging site designed for teachers to use with their students. Create a class account and then add your students. Each student will be able to have his/her own blog. This is a terrific way to reinforce "thinking like a _____" (scientist, mathematician, historian, author, etc.). You can have up to 50 kids in your class blog.
Trading Card Creator
Easily create trading cards for fictional and nonfictional characters (and events) with this easy-to-use tool. Add an image from your computer and enter information for each field. When done, you can easily print and/or save your file.

Online Hieroglyphics Translator
Whether you are doing a unit on Egypt or studying other countries, check out this fun site. Enter your text (letters and spaces only) and have it translated into hieroglyphics. The site is a little cluttered but the tool is pretty cool if you are studying Egypt, mummies, pyramids, and the like.
Record MP3
Easily record your audio online and then have a unique url provided to access your mp3. You can also download the file once you create it. Consider using this if you want to have students record their vocabulary list or retell a story. Once you have the mp3 file you can post on your teacher page, email to parents, and so much more!
Word clouds never looked so good. While there are several word cloud generators, Tagxedo allows you to confine your words to a particular shape. Begin by clicking on the orange Create button. Adjust settings as needed. When done, click on the "Save|Share" link and select how you want to save your creation. Awesome!


Comic Creator
This easy, online comic creation tool allows students to communicate their story using characters, speech bubbles, and props. Students begin by selecting how many panels for their comic layout. After adding characters, props, and text, students can print their comic. Consider printing to PDF driver to keep a copy of the comic. 
The Newspaper Clipping Generator
Have students create a sample newspaper clipping by entering their information in the provided fields. An authentic looking newspaper will be generated as a picture that they can then save to the computer. Other fun generators are provided as links at the top of the page - check them out.
Have students turn their favorite quote into a nice poster. Type in the quote and who said it - then choose a picture background from the stack. Your quozio will be automatically generated. Instead of using it with quotes, consider using vocabulary words and definitions!
Cue Prompter
Students write their script and enter their text into this online cue prompter. After adjusting the speed and controls, they are ready to use the monitor as a real teleprompter. This is super handy if you are having your students create videos of themselves sharing out information. Have them use the laptop's webcam to record them while they follow the prompter on the monitor.
Add your own voice to a photo to tell a story. Add a theme background and record your voice. When done, you can share your fotobabbles - each will have a unique url.
Must create an account. Consider creating a "class account" and have all your students using the same login and password...but use your email address in case you need to reset the password.
Use any photo or picture in this fun web 2.0 tool to share your information. Select the mouth area of your photo to turn it into a talking, puppet-like character. Whether your kids are creating book trailers, talking book reports, or using vocabulary correctly, they'll love this site.
Must create an account. Consider creating a "class account" and have all your students using the same login and password...but use your email address in case you need to reset the password.
Glogster EDU
Though not free, Glogster is a popular site for teachers to use with their students. Have students incorporate text, graphics, videos, and audio as they create their 21st century version of a poster.


Connect with your kids' parents and keep them informed by using this tool. They can easily connect with you to receive your texts AND no one sees anyone else's phone number. Tremendous tool to build parent support and connections.
Online Stopwatch
Every teacher needs a good stopwatch. This online version allows you to count up or down. Just enter the time and click the count down button to have it clearly displayed on your screen. Great tool to help students learn to pace themselves as you walk around the room and assist individuals.
Wanting to use rubrics with your students but don't like creating them from scratch? Consider using Rubistar. Select a rubric template, choose the criteria, and edit as needed. Your rubric can even be saved online so you can come back to it at a later time. When done, save your rubric to your computer.
Don't have a student clicker system? Not a problem. Consider using Socrative. This tool is great if you have a BYOD or 1:1 initiative at your campus...or if you have a shared cart of iPads to use with your students. Socrative allows you to check for understanding by asking multiple choice questions on the fly. Easy to learn and to use.
Use this tool when you want to share/show a YouTube video in your classroom. It will remove the side recommended videos and clutter that appears on the YouTube page. If you are using Chrome as your browser, then drag/drop the button to your toolbar to make it even easier to use.
Want to share a YouTube video in your class to reinforce an idea or concept but don't want to show the whole video? TubeChop to the rescue! TubeChop allows you to select a YouTube video and then set the beginning and ending points of where YOU want. It will then create a unique url for you to use that shares just the portion of the video that you've selected.
There are many QR code generator sites. This one is simple and easy to use. You can also adjust the size of the QR code so that when you save (or copy/paste) it, it will be the size you need. If you are wanting to create a LOT of QR codes, consider using the Bulk QR Code Generator.

Research Resources:

Owned and run by the School of Library and Information Science at Kent State University, you'll want to have your students use this search engine tool next time they need to find relevant and age-appropriate information.
Internet Public Librarian for Kids
Great resource for students to use as their search engine for elementary kids. Need more help? Use the "Ask an ipl2 Librarian" feature to have a real person help you. You might even want to check out their resources for parents and teachers.
Kid Bib Toolkit
Citing your resources is an important skill for students to learn. Tools such as Kid Bib Toolkit can make the process a little easier. Follow the three steps to create a correctly formatted citation. Other similar tools includeBibMeCitationMachine, and EasyBib.
This search engine is designed and supported by teachers and librarians. This Google custom search engine filters out much of the junk results. Search results include sites that have already been reviewed and submitted by teachers and librarians.
Increase comprehension of text by using this tool to translate text into easier-to-read language. Copy/paste the text and then click the rewordify button. You have several outcome styles to choose from. Instead of pasting text, type in a website to have it rewordified as in this example. Here is a brief tutorial video.